Zoom! Whitening


What is Zoom! Whitening

Zoom! is a bleaching process widely used in dental offices around the world to lighten any discoloration of your enamel and dentin. Teeth discoloration is a common occurrence as you age, or if you enjoy drinking coffee, tea, cola or red wine.


Bleaching can remove stains and can even whiten the natural pigment of your teeth to make them brighter than they have ever been before!

Even if you brush regularly, floss regularly, and have good dental hygiene, your teeth will still darken over time and that natural pearly white smile can turn a little less bright and a little less pearly.  Luckily, with zoom whitening, that can be completely reversed in a matter of minutes. Visit our south Charlotte dentist today for a bright smile.

How Zoom! Whitening Works

Dr. Shirman will simply sit you down in a comfortable position to receive a positive whitening experience. 99% of patient report feeling little to no sensitivity.